Independence Day Lunch

Independence Day

Happy 4th July – Lynn C

“I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past” – Thomas Jefferson

Healthy garden breakfast

breakfast ben c

Ben C – Healthy garden breakfast. Sure. #scrambledeggs #avocado #coffee #sure

Breakfast – Nagoya Station Japan

Breakfast Nagoya Station Japan

Craig G – But first breakfast

April Fool


Lunch Time with BoredPanda !

Morning Coffee in Cambridge


Is the Barista trying to send me a message?

Bread & Meat Cambridge

Hellen’s Lunch

Surfcafe Tynemouth

Hellen S having a bit of  lunch at Surfcafe Tynemouth


Octuple Bypass Burger

octuple bypass burguer

James McN – Spoilt for choise on the Las Vegas Strip

Vegan Options top right are limited !


World’s Smallest Pizza?

smalles pizza

Brisbane’s hungriest man disappointed with world’s smallest pizza delivery.

‘How disappointed was I when I opened the box !!’

Nick F

Christmas Lunch


Christmas day lunch and tea party for elderly people of Wandsworth


Sam Matterface’s Breakfast

Sam Matterface ‏@sammatterface

The only way to cope with the 505 from Manchester to London …. #kindlepapers #scran

Sam Matterface @sammatterface

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