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Dinner at the Giggling Squid

Kerry and her chums are eating too well at the Giggling Squid !

Breakfast with the boys in Turkey

Far too healthy…

Richard’s German Doughnuts

There is always time for a doughnut!

Breakfast – P&O Arvia – somewhere in the Caribbean

You can imagine how fat I am eating this each morning!!!!!I 🐷🐷🐷 

Biker Breakfast

Mark B > Michelle M – ‘it was bloody amazing!’

Egg Muffin Day – March 2, 2021

A filling breakfast of an egg with melted cheese and a slice of ham nesting in the middle of a warm, buttered muffin is great way to combat a case of Tuesday – what now!

Trump Wine

Don’t remember seeing that in Citizen Kane

New Leader

Nigella’s recipe of the day: bitter orange tart

Thinking of you Donald nigella.com

Life could be worse..

Dave K eating well at home..

Happy Birthday Clare

Afternoon tea for Clare Bears birthday, but as we can’t go out, I brought it home, hence, If the mountain etc etc etc!!

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