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Dinner at the Giggling Squid

Kerry and her chums are eating too well at the Giggling Squid !

Egg Muffin Day – March 2, 2021

A filling breakfast of an egg with melted cheese and a slice of ham nesting in the middle of a warm, buttered muffin is great way to combat a case of Tuesday – what now!

Life could be worse..

Dave K eating well at home..

Anthea’s Cheese

Looking forward to cheeseboard tonight, thank you @marypinkfairy @teddington_cheese #cheese #petitlangres #sottocenerealtartufo #chevrepremierdemoulis

Teddington Cheese

National Pumpkin Day – Monday 26th October 2020

Please keep it all on-line this year.

The size on that bigpumpkins.com !

Taco Tuesday


Taco Tuesday at Breckenridge Pour House

My-Mate Marmite

Why don’t they just do a pre-mix of my-mate marmite and butter? I would save me minutes each year.

Lawrence Bentley

Mark’s Snails

Mark B – ‘Bloody lovely’

Rest of the world think he has been round the garden and is now eating his findings!

Tim Fish Poland

Tim is checking out the local polish fish delicacies👍🦈

Market Square, Krakow, Poland

International Coffee Day

Coffee art is actually much easier than you think. This tulip made in the latte looks gorgeous! Who’s up for the challenge?


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